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Nonprofit Services

Z-Com Creative has worked with nonprofit organizations for years. We get how nonprofits work: how you talk with your constituents, how you manage your operation, how you fund your efforts. Web strategies for nonprofits are constantly maturing, and we’re ready to help good organizations do good work through website development, marketing strategy, social media and other approaches.

Community-Focused Website Strategy

We start any nonprofit project with an understanding of your membership: How and when your members interact, how the organization is structured, what resources are commonly shared or needed by your members. From there, we create an online community strategy.

Our nonprofit websites are community-focused. As the online home of your organization, the site facilitates communication between members, between leadership and volunteers, within committees and boards.  Our sites feature fine-grained control over various kinds of site users, so that site administrators have different tools than board members or committee chairs or guest bloggers or standard members. The only limit is imagination.

Z-Com Creative builds thriving, organic online communities that prompt interaction and real engagement with your constituents.

Membership Support

One of the most useful services we set our nonprofits up with is the CiviCRM suite. This is open-source Constituency Relationship Management that seamlessly integrates with our preferred Content Management System (CMS – sick of the acronyms yet?) Drupal. Drupal + CiviCRM is a proven winner in the nonprofit world.

CiviCRM provides the basis for replacing many diverse services your organization has probably used at one point or another: event management/registration services like Eventbrite, mass email services like Constant Contact, and membership management services like Vertical Response. It’s a very flexible, very powerful system. CiviCRM will work with any payment processor you can think of, including Paypal,, Click and Pledge, and Google Checkout (and many more). Contact management, contributions, events, mailings and membership management all under one roof. Very cool.

Our membership support technologies will transform your organization.

Social Media

Your constituents are probably already deeply involved in various existing social media. When we build a nonprofit website, we’re keenly aware of this fact. We work with your existing social media strategy and help your organization formulate a new strategy if you don’t already have one. We syndicate your site’s content to your Facebook group, Myspace page, Ning group, LinkedIn group, Twitter feed or any other social media you use. We also go the other direction, prompting your site’s visitors to become fans of your Facebook page or to subscribe to your organization’s Twitter account.

Social media strategy is one big jumble and we’re all feeling our way through it. The important thing is making sure you and your members keep talking.

Staff and Volunteer Training

There’s typically an abundance of thinkers and dreamers in nonprofits, but finding do-ers is a constant challenge for any organization. We build powerful tools for nonprofits – but with power can come complexity. We make sure your staff and volunteers are well-trained in the operation of your website, CiviCRM your larger social media strategy.

Your staff and volunteers will have all the tools they need to manage your site into the future.

Fundraising Support

Every Z-Com website, whether for nonprofit organizations for for-profit business, begins collecting data via Google Analytics the day it launches. This information is vital not only for understanding and refining your site, but for fundraising purposes. We can collect information on any sort of conversion – that is, an action taken on the site by a visitor. This data is vital for winning grants as well as for general organization fundraising. Need to get 10,000 new visitors each month? Need to get 1,000 new user registrations? Need to make sure a PDF or blog is read by some percentage of your audience? All this is possible when we match your Analytics data to ongoing site and strategy refinement.

We will provide you with the support  you need to raise funds, generate memberships and win grants.

New: Association in a Box

Have a need for transformative, social/community-focused website functionality but a limited budget? Talk to us about our Association in a Box product.

Nonprofit Services

  • Constituency-Focused Website Development
  • Identity Design
  • Membership Support
  • Staff & Volunteer Training
  • Fundraising Strategy and Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mass Email
  • Event Registration
  • Payment Processor Setup
  • Print Brokering